MIT Acupuncture, LLC.

We accept insurance

MIT Acupuncture is an "Out of Network Provider" - We accept all insurances that cover acupuncture including: Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ (Horizon BCBSNJ), Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, GHI, Oxford, United Healthcare, Aetna, GEHA, and many others. If you do not see your particular medical insurance provider listed, please give us a call and we will verify your insurance coverage for you. Because coverage varies from policy to policy, we’ ll invite you to complete a form so that we may contact your insurance provider in order to obtain the details of your coverage. It is important to find out:

  • If you are covered for Acupuncture out of Network Benefits.
  • If your policy limits the number of treatments per year.
  • If your policy limits the type of treatment it covers.
  • If you have a deductible, and if it has been met.
  • The portion of the treatment your policy will cover.
  • We also need to confirm if you need a referral or a pre-authorization. 

If you are covered for acupuncture, and you have met your deductibles, we will bill your insurance company directly, and there should be no worries about cumbersome paperwork on your part. If there are requirements you must meet before treatment, we will be happy to discuss the available options.

If you are not covered by your medical insurance, you can still consider your payments as medical expenses if you have a flexible spending account from pre-tax funds.  

Medicare does not at the present time cover Acupuncture treatments.