MIT Acupuncture, LLC.

Induce Labor


Acupuncture helps women experience a more relaxed, natural, efficient labor. Acupuncture has been used in China to reduce pain in labor, to augment or increase labor contractions, and for other birth-related reasons, for more than 2000 years.

Labor induction is coordinated with the mother’s physician and mother, and it usually occurs "no earlier than 39 weeks". Acupuncture can also help with post-term babies; it will induce labor efficiently and effectively, as well as reduce the stress, anxiety, and discomfort of an overdue baby.

Evidence shows that acupuncture stimulates the nervous system which causes biochemical changes influencing the body, thus promoting physical and emotional well-being. In the last few weeks and days of pregnancy, it will alleviate pain by reducing inflammation, reduce anxiety, and elevate mood by increasing endorphins for deep relaxation.  

Acupuncture also increases placental estrogens, prostaglandin levels to aid in cervical dilation, oxytocin to trigger uterine contractions which initiate labor, and relaxin, a hormone which in preparation for childbirth, relaxes the ligaments in the pelvis, softens and widens the cervix. Because acupuncture aids the mother’s body to produces its own hormones, the mother and baby will experience a natural, less-traumatic onset of labor.

Acupuncture needles are gently placed along labor inducing points. These acupuncture points have a strong action of promoting labor and have been used for thousands of years in labor induction without any known side effects. Often, electro stimulation will be placed on specific points in the extremities to encourage cervical dilation and uterine contractions. There is virtually no discomfort during the very specialized 45 minute treatment. Most of the time a woman will only need one or two acupuncture treatments.